Social Media Impact

We will take over your social media channels to help you structure page boost campaigns, custom creative, post drop schedules, and a full impact strategy to get you connected to more consumers on social media. These strategies are being deployed by more and more companies every day. What are you waiting for?

More Content

By developing custom creative content that follows the most current trends on social media we can improve your page engagement. 

More Followers

Structured promotions that follow the schedule of your content drops will boost your paid and organic followers and your interactions.

More Business

People are spending more and more time on apps like Facebook and Instagram every day. Your business should be where your customers are.

Website Development

Social Media Impact Campaigns

There are many different ways to manage and improve your social media presence. Our approach to social media is not full take over but rather creative and campaign deployment to impact followers and interactions. 

  • Custom Creative and Post Development
  • Scheduled Post Drops 
  • Monthly Reporting and Analytics
  • Paid Campaign Creation and Management
  • All Cost Included in One Convenient Fee

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I Expect?

Social Media is often called the “New Frontier” of internet marketing. On average people spend around 60-120 minutes per day checking their Facebook account. Depending on your industry and the geometric size of your target market, you can expect that ongoing Social Media Impact Management will grow your following, increase your interactions, and help you tap into new business being generated through social media. 

How many people can I reach?

Every industry and every market is different. Markets like Denver and Chicago have some of the highest Facebook usage and Conversion data in the country but other smaller rural areas have much less. Ultimately, anyone who is interested in Social Media marketing and management should get with a certified expert to have them analyze the market and set very clear and reasonable expectations before starting a campaign.


How Much does it cost?

Because of the range of management it is important to understand all of the fees that might come along with a dedicated Social Media Account Manager. Basically what you are paying for is time. However, with an impact campaign company like Bydand Digital you are actually paying for the creative license and the cost of your platform fees. Generally speaking, most companies interested in Social Media Marketing should budget between $500-$1,000 per month. 

Can I Do it Myself?

You can definitely run your own social media accounts and many people do. It is important to understand that managing your personal accounts and managing a business account are very different though. A business account requires hours of research and data analysis, trend matching content creation, and fine tuned promotion and campaign optimization to generate the right consumers and build revenue value. Most companies invest in experts to run their social media.

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