Case studies allow companies to track and measure the progress of their applications. It also allows for a portfolio of different products, services, and/or solutions. Bydand Digital is always striving to be better and more effective for our clients. Plenty of companies can “talk the talk” but very few actually “walk the walk”. We focus on constantly testing and utilizing the newest technology and digital practices.We not only make the most sound recommendations to our clients but also have the knowledge and experience to deliver the best results. We have helped clients with vastly ranging needs. From digital analysis to site disinfection and even brand new state of the art website design. We offer comprehensive digital administration and ongoing optimization. From development projects to coming “in house” and training staff on digital best practices we have marketing case studies showing the effects of the Bydand Digital philosophy hard at work helping local businesses remain relevant in their space.

  • Companies with a Digital Strategy 34%
  • Search Traffic from Mobile 62%
  • Cost Per Lead vs. Traditional Media 38%

Our digital marketing case studies directly support the most recent digital statistics about local businesses in the United States. Many companies have no digital strategy at all. Very few local business owners had ever been told about the importance of mobile, and almost none knew that mobile searches out numbered desktop searches. On average the cost per lead from digital marketing efforts was 62 percent less than traditional media and the conversion rate was 34 percent higher. So it’s no wonder that businesses who utilize expert digital marketing companies like Bydand Digital see tremendous results in their marketing case studies.

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