“Bydand” What does it mean?

Bydand is an old Gaelic term meaning “Steadfast and Abiding”. The term was the motto of the Clan Gordon, a Scottish/Irish clan that dates back as early as 1160 a.d. Throughout the 12th, 13th, 14th, and 15th, century the Clan Gordon was in an almost constant state of attack, oppression, and turmoil. After nearly 400 years of defending their rights, freedoms, and land from foreign and domestic tyranny, the Clan Gordon had proven that “Bydand”, the act of standing fast always prepared to fight for what was theirs and what was right, was not only a motto they lived by but part of their very DNA. While many American families can trace their heritage back to at least some level of connection with the Clan Gordon, the Adams family is one of the most direct ties remaining today to this proud and noble clan.

Much like his ancestors before him, Founder and President of Bydand Digital, LLC, Samuel Adams has taken a firm stance against the invasion of large corporations who bully their way into new markets and cripple local businesses. By bringing cutting edge technology, customized digital solutions, and unparalleled service and execution to the local community Bydand Digital has embraced the motto of its ancestors and given local business owners a chance to stand fast against the “big box bullies” and provide high quality technical interactions to the consumers they have spent years serving.

Fighting Chance

Bydand Digital is committed to helping local businesses successfully compete against and beat larger corporate entities through, cutting edge technology, modern and advanced designs, reaching consumers on all platforms, and providing the ongoing services necessary to attract and retain consumers in the local market.

  • Local Businesses without mobile design 91% 91%
  • Local Businesses without Social Media 47% 47%
  • Local Business Failure in First 10 years 80% 80%
  • Large Corporations Dedicated to Digital 98% 98%

A Digital Agency

Providing the edge local businesses need to succeed online through advanced technology and practical solutions.

Forward Thinking

Ongoing efforts to remain ahead of the technological curve and give local businesses the most update to date solutions.

Problem Solvers

There is no one size fits all solution for local businesses. Custom solutions ensure you get the right services for your business.

Ongoing Support

Staying relevant to your customers is an ongoing job. Continued support helps ensure you have the right solutions at the right times.
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