Digital Awareness

Digital Display Awareness (DDA) and Social Advertising are some of the most rapidly growing and influencial types of digital marketing available today. By building beautiful graphic displays and showing them on the most popular websites as well as social media networks your brand can’t help but get noticed.


Brand Recognition

By displaying your graphic ads on websites like CNN, ESPN, Weather Channel, and many more, your target audience will see you as the local powerhouse you are.

Social Appearance

People spend more time on networks like Facebook and Instagram than almost any other website or app. Make sure they find you anywhere they look by displaying your brand on their favorite social sites.

Targeted Impressions

These campaigns don’t just reach out to the masses, they focus on specific geographic and demographic audiences. With the combined power of focused targeting and guaranteed impressions.


Bydand Digital offers several different packages for Digital Display Advertising. There are many differences in each package so make sure to take a look to find the right solution for your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need DDA?

Digital Display Advertising is one of the fastest growing internet marketing techniques in America. By taking the “Billboard Philosophy” and applying it to targeted audiences on the sites they visit most often and based on their interest in your product or service it is the most advanced and targeted marketing option available.

How long should I run my campaign?

Digital Display Advertising is so effective that many companies run their programs indefinitely. Because of the ease of changing graphics and ad copy there is really no limitation to how long your DDA can run and relevant you can make it.

Is DDA like PPC?

While DDA does have a click value and can generate very beneficial traffic to your website, you are not paying for clicks with a DDA program. You are paying for the size and complexity of your distribution and the number of guaranteed impressions each month from your campaign.

How much does it cost?

DDA is variable in cost based on the size of the network, number of creatives, and number of guaranteed impressions. Bydand Digital will be happy to consult with you on what an effective campaign means to your business and the cost of that campaign.

How much social budget do I get?

The size of your social media budget is up to you. We recommend a consultation on your social media demographic and potential reach before determining a budget and will help you by deploying the most effective social media campaign for your business.