Responsive Web Design

Having a presence online states with a stable foundation that is friendly to all visitors, regardless of what device they are using. Having a website design that is responsive and adaptive to desktops, laptops, tablets, and smart phones is the first step in your online journey.

Search Engine Optimization – SEO

While starting with a beautiful and modern website is important, building a website that is not optimized for traffic does you no good. Make sure that search engines recognize your leadership and reward you with organic traffic from consumers in your area.

Pay Per Click – PPC

Need leads now? The fastest way to get a potential consumer to your website is to have a well constructed and managed Pay Per Click campaign that will drive online traffic interested in your products or services straight to your site.

Digital Awareness

Consumers use more platforms now for their purchasing decisions than in any other period of time. Between TV, Radio, Billboards, Search Engines, and Social Media you have to make sure you are covering all of your bases. Digital Display Advertising (DDA) and Social Advertising are sure fire ways to get your brand recognized and chosen.


Businesses Without a Website


Businesses Without Mobile

Hours of SEO


Unique Visitors Missed

Recent research shows that 58% of all local businesses don’t have a digital presence at all.
A recent survey showed that 91% of all local businesses with a website had no mobile response.
On average it will take 15 or more hours of SEO each month for a local business to remain relevant in organic searches compared to larger corporate competitors.
Base on national averages for search traffic and number of unique visitors each month for local business websites, 90% of all local consumer searches drive to a larger national competitor.

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Many companies are still using old languages and programming technology to display their websites. These out dated versions are no longer appealing to consumers or the search engines and rarely take into consideration the number of users interacting with websites on mobile devices.
Bydand Digital is committed to using the newest technologies and conforming to all global standards of website development. By programming for clients using the most state of the art technology Bydand delivers a superior product at a fraction of the cost of many competitors.